I was completely new to Martial Arts and at the age of 43 it was a big step for me. After only six weeks of training I have improve my stamina, fitness and strength to the point where I have surprised myself. My mental vitality, energy, mental focus and ability to deal with stress have also improved dramatically. I would recommend this training unreservedly to anybody who wants to learn about real life self defence and also to people who want to add an extra internal dimension to help themselves in being able to better deal with fast paced modern living and a demanding career. I have found the training immensely rewarding, both enjoyable and safe safe and also extremely interesting. It’s feels really good to be learning real life street self defence skills, I wanted to learn to defend myself and my loved ones as we live in London and you never know when these skills might be needed.– AH

I had 10 years years prior martial arts experience, mainly in karate and other hard styles, I can unequivocably state that the training at Warrior Arts supersedes anything I had seen before in terms of potency for real combat. If you’re looking for self defence look no further. The added internal dimension will provide a pleasant surprise in terms of improving your focus and ability to deal with stress more readily.– JC

 feel calmer and my wife says I am more pleasant to be around!– JK

hand speed is much faster, I had done Mantis and Wing Chun prior to this training, which has really helped me relax my techniques and become more natural, flowing and faster.– AY

 I have fifty years martial arts training and headed a national Kung fu organisation, I can recommend Dave V and Warrior Arts as it has helped me to get back into training, to learn new skills and to really enjoy the whole arena or combat and healing arts again.– BB

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