Here are a selection of frequently asked questions.

Is it like the Israeli one ?

Yes and no. Yes in terms of being very self defence and combat orientated …and very ‘applied’. No because we have a Classical Forms element, energy work, very ancient roots and are very uncommercialised. We are known for having some of the deadliest classical and neo classical methods available, delivered with an animalistic mindset, explosive delivery and detailed knowledge about acupressure points to cause fast stoppage, damage and lethality (in the hopefully rare eventually, where we might be attacked with potentially lethal force and where the law permits). We also have a deeply embedded and committed approach to developing powerful but peaceful warriors, who have ethical values and who are not prone to misuse of the martial arts they have learned. Finally, we don’t have any political or national allegiance and are about genuine and life long self-development and benefiting the societies in which we live.

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What style do you actually teach ?

Intersting question. We have adopted a logical yet flexible approach, adopting Bruce Lee’s Jeek Kune Concepts. You have to know a bit about martial arts to get this one.

This is what we teach:

The combat aspects from Taiji Chuan and Bagua Zhang.

Qi Gong energy work.

The Explosive Energy Fist Style – Fa Jing Chuan

Warrior Arts Dirty Boxing, this is a boxing approach derived from the Chinese Internal Arts, street fighting and military and western boxing methods.

The MARA Combat System, which is its own style, containing forms, weapons Defence, stick and knife and also Dim Mak. The main impetus of MARA is to ingrain rapid and affective responses in multiple opponents situation. Weapons use and defence is also a paramount feature within this style.


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Will I have to sign a contract ?

No. There are various payment options if you decide to come back after the free trial lesson, these are pay-as-you-go and monthly discounted fees

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What is the age range ?

What is the minimum student age?
Due to the effectiveness of the techniques group is only suitable for students who are over 21 years and over, currently we have students who are between the ages of 25 and 75.

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Is there weapons training ?

Yes. Knife, Stick. These are always based on realistic real life situations. We also train  anti gun and use of improvised weapons.

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Are there any hidden costs ? / Do I need to bring any equipment?

No. All required equipment including pads, sticks, kick shields, training knives are provided by the club. There is no additional charge for using this equipment.

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Is there a uniform ?

No. People train in normal gym clothing and trainers. There are belts and club T Shirts.

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How would you describe the group’s culture and ethos?

Hard training, fun, progress and no egos.

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Is the training suitable for women ?

Yes – we have special training for women. The most powerful students – pound for pound – are often the females. This is because females must learn to use good technique as they dont have the luxury of using their arm muscles and poor technique to get power.

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What do beginners at the group practice?

The basics of street fighting and weapons defence, correct stance, breathing, how to generate power and plenty of hard circuit training and pad work. You’ll also be introduced to Qi Gong (Chinese Energy Work).

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Should you have a more specific enquiry, please feel free to get in touch with Dave.