Our approach to self defence is quite ferocious and encompasses the best of the  classical and modern methods.

The Classical Chinese Boxing styles are a potent blend of internal and Shaolin external Kung Fu styles. They contains forms and training methods that can be drilled, honed and pressure tested to provide a very effective real life response.

The MARA Combat System was carefully developed by Dave V after some 38 years of multi-style combat experience and martial arts training, under top masters. MARA specialises in rapid-fire stopping methods, it was developed to address surprise street attacks, attackers who might have done other martial arts, edged weapons assault, multiple opponents situations and other high risk scenarios. It’s different to the classical method, in that it adopts a far more military approach in terms of eliminating blocks, parries, complex moves and sports techniques, in favour of fight stopping entry methods, the use of improvised weapons is also taught.


“ I dislike violence and I came to warrior arts because I knew I needed to learn self defence and get fit.

I always left confrontational situations because I was fearful and didn’t have the confidence. I can now face the truth of where I was.

Then I had a family and started to put on weight and get stressed and I knew I had to change and get comfident and fit once and for all.

Warrior Arts has helped to empower me and has taught me real ability in terms of self defence.

I feel stronger internally and in my approach to life generally.

I had a confrontation recently, it was a simple thing that got ugly, in a restaurant where I was with my wife. Someone tried to attack me and I was able to react and defend myself, the police were called and the cctv showed I acted in self defence and that the other person threw the first punch.

I landed the attacker on his back and held him until the Police came.

I could NEVER have done this without the training”