The Warrior Yell – by Dave V

Here is an excerpt from my new book TEN SQUARED… This is like having an extra limb. So, you have the hands and feet. Great. What about the fingers, thumbs, wrists, forearms, elbows, shoulders, head, teeth, back, legs, knees, shins… And voice. In ancient full blooded killing styles everything that God gave us was identified,…

Shock and Awe

The impetus of my new book TEN SQUARED is to help people gain the correct mindset, attitude and edge to deal with real-life hostile situations. The person or persons attacking you are not your ‘adversaries’ or your ‘opponents’… They are your enemies in that moment. They are the ones seeking to deprive your loved ones…

MARA Entry Methods

Remember the objectives of the various MARA entry methods. It is not to present yourself in defensive mode. It is not to equally meet force with force. The objective of any MARA entry method is to aggressively take the enemy’s place in space and time.

Elbow Cover Drill

This is an essential element in MARA. MARA is all about insurance policies, mitigating risk factors and being sensible in your attack methodology. When you elbow, simultaneously cover. You can cover either on the outside or on the inside depending on the situation. The cover needs to be snug. Work on this as its important…

MARA – The Antidote

MARA – The Antidote

You have been informed about MARA as an antidote to various martial arts. In particular, boxing type attacks and also pressure point striking martial arts. Contemplate this, as it will assist you in applying MARA transitions more smoothly and without exposing or offering any overt opportunity to the attacker.

Dive bomber

Please endeavour for excellence in this exercise. Think of it as a dive bomb. Sweep down and breath in. Sweep back and breath out. Come back the way you went down


This is where you apply some very dangerous methods but with stealth. This will have the effect of a possibly less complicated outcome if things were to be analysed later. On occasion you will hear the term MARA STEALTH. You will be introduced eventually to this very effective MARA STEALTH method.

Self Defence? No

To be politically correct we must use the term self-defence… But in reality, there is only attack. The only way you can possibly defend yourself is by attacking. Within the law and ethical framework of your being of course. Upload this concept firmly to your mind and integrate it fully into your processing…. absorb this…

Hammer Strikes

Hammer Strikes

A solid weapon for the street, the Hammer Fist strike doesn’t take much training to obtain a basic level of proficiency and reasonable power. To take this into the realms of a more dangerous and prolific weapon requires a level of understanding about how to generate power. Firstly, the arm needs to open more than…

MARA Transitional Drill Essentials

The various headguards must be used in a proper fashio. To avoid getting your head rattled, ensure your forearms close in tightly to your head. Close in your elbows. Do not have a chink in your armour. Be meticulous in the hand positions and where your hand grabs your head or touches your head. Basic, lateral,…