eBook – Ten Squared – Essential 100 Points for Combat (Revision 2) – Dave V

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Revision 2 (April 2018) now on sale!

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Please note that Revision 2 of this eBook was released and made available from 8th April 2018.
Any customers who had previously purchased the original release will be entitled to a copy of Revision 2 at no additional cost. Please get in touch if you’ve not been contacted already. Thank you.


Ten Squared is written in a relaxed, accessible and colloquial style. Those who have met Dave V, either personally or through his social media presence, can hear him speak in his inimitable style, whilst those who do not, quickly get to know him.

The book brings a wealth of wisdom that is beneficial to the general public as well as martial arts practitioners.

This work is especially valuable for those who truly want to be effective in real-life encounters and might otherwise undertake ‘martial arts’ under they false belief that it will serve them on the street.

Ten Squared is for everyone who wants to take their safety seriously, and gain some genuine and effective solutions to real street violence. It’s equally for Martial arts enthusiasts who need to understand real violence, and effective techniques to counter it.

Ten Squared aims to address the following objectives:

To bring about a mind-set change about personal safety: becoming streetwise, perceptive, prepared and sensible.

To make you understand the true mentality of thugs: the idea that there is no ‘fair fight’.

To give you a mindset, techniques and tools to be effective in real street fighting situations.

ISBN 978-1-9996712-0-4

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5 reviews for eBook – Ten Squared – Essential 100 Points for Combat (Revision 2) – Dave V

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    John Remstone

    A great book with some really powerful and genuinely useful teachings. I’ve made a real effort to take on several aspects of my learnings from this and would definitely recommend to others.

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    Geoff D

    Enjoyed your book Dave V. Concurs with a lot of my own thinking, as a US based combat knife trainer, I was surprised to hear about the carry restrictions in the UK….but your book should give people the ‘edge’, thanks, G

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    Your perspective will shift halfway into the first page.

    Check the link for the full comment about the book

    Full quote from Instagram

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    Nick (USA)

    I’m only up to page 35, but it’s already a self defense classic to me already. My girlfriend needs to read it. She works as a social worker in Midtown Manhattan and I worry about her every day. It’s crazy out here. Especially for women. It’s pretty wild around your neck of the woods too that’s why I respect where you’re coming from.

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    Coach Rick – Pro Boxing Trainer and Founder of Mittology

    This book is truly amazing, I’ve read Sharpening the Warriors Edge, Art of War and a number of others, and I have to say that your book Dave hits the nail on the head, it’s Real World applications just like your in-person style of self defence training that I’ve watched dozens of times, you bring the mindset and technical application of technique together in a seamless flow and you know I appreciate the flow brother! Great work and thank you for the sharing it with all of us. Coach Rick

    • Avatar

      Dave V

      Thanks a mill Coach Rick, I am a big fan of your work, I recommend my followers to follow you on YouTube

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